Here are the new renderings for the Williamsburg Whole Foods

wholefoodsBrownstoner found two new renderings posted at the constuction site of the forthcoming Williamsburg Whole Foods at 242 Bedford. The new design is much more understated than the previous rendering. From Brownstoner:

The drawings show a combination black steel and glass with red brick and a newly simplified roof; a cube hovers over the corner of the building on the Bedford side. (A previous rendering showed the view from Bedford with a different roof line and entrance.)

We think it’s a very attractive look in keeping with Williamsburg’s — and the site’s — industrial past. We hope it will be built, but nothing much has happened on this site for years, although earlier this month the Brooklyn Eagle ran a story saying construction was under way.

Do you like this new design?



  1. Maybe if they get this built C-Town will stop charging Whole Foods prices. Even if they continue, at least I can just go to Whole Foods.

  2. I live down the street and construction was happening a few months ago, but I have not seen anything since. Just get this thing done already!

  3. what a bunch of douchebags who live here now. holy fuck!

  4. Not sure why everyone’s always creaming in their jeans over an expensive supermarket. Is it because Dean and Deluca is too far to go to shop?
    Next up, obviously, is Starbux.

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