Help Find Mango!

There’s been a coldhearted dognapping in Red Hook, and the owner’s asking everybody to keep an eye out for Mango, a 9-year old Jack Russell with a brown spot under his left eye. He let the dog roam freely – no leash – for years, and as you’d expect the Post’s conservative readership are all like, “he deserved it”. But then, the owner (Steve) responded in the comments by quoting both Cesar Milan AND Dan Quayle, effectively sending a digital bitchslap through the internet. Check it out, and read the Mango Alert for more info.


  1. oh no!!! evil, evil, evil people! jack russell’s are a smart breed -maybe he’ll find his way home!

  2. Spiritross says:

    Its sad
    But we all reap what we sow in this world
    As a dog owner I never leave my dog alone on the street.
    Not even when i visit the country, let alone nyc.

  3. Soured in Red Hook says:

    He was smart enough to survive 8+ years off the leash (over 3000 days), if given the chance, he’ll be back to his cornbread before you can shake two BBQ’d ribs.

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