Have you spotted this shoeless, nevernude, Williamsburg mystery man?

noshoesThere is a mysterious Williamsburg man who doesn’t wear shoes in the winter, and appears to also be a Tobias Fünke-like nevernude. Brooklyn photographer Chris Polinsky had a sighting yesterday (above photo) on Bedford near Maison Premiere. He’s all business from the waist up, but below the belt it’s a pure jorts party with not so much as a flip flop to stand in the way. A little research uncovered a Youtube account called ‘barefootlifestyle’ with the most recent entry titled ‘barefoot walking in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY.’ From what you can see in the video his outfit appears to be exactly the same as in the picture taken by Chris. I for one feel that Williamsburg is somewhere we can welcome any and all (“There are dozens of us. Dozens!”) nevernudes who wish inhabit our slice of Brooklyn. I’m actually kind of hoping his identity doesn’t turn up so I can start claiming that this is me. Watch below:



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