Happy birthday show for Sharkmuffin

Video still the from Sharkmuffin's music video for "Quarter Machine"

Video still the from Sharkmuffin’s music video for “Quarter Machine”

Thursday marked Tarra Thiessen’s birthday, the lead singer of the local kick-ass girl band, Sharkmuffin. Donned in all black, the ladies celebrated by with a show at Union Pool, where they wailed and ripped with no inhibition.

A dress didn’t stop Thiessen from flailing across the stage during solos and jumping off stage to start her own mosh pit without missing a single lyric, fueled by guzzling wine straight from her personal b-day bottle. The band’s drummer Janet LaBelle was out with a pinched nerve, but you would have never known that their sub wasn’t part of the trio from day one. The only downfall to the performance was the short set, but any longer and there might have been injuries. This band knows how to party. Hard.

Stream the Sharkmuffin’s latest EP 1097 here.

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