Happn: The first app that helps you find the people you’ve crossed paths with in real life



Just when you thought you would have to spend yet another winter lonely and single – enter happn, a new app with a exciting promise: find the people you happen upon at the coffee shop, Central Park or on your street.

It’s the first dating app that uses geolocation in real-time, drawing up a timeline of all your real-life encounters. Remember Craigslist’s missed connections section? Happn is better. You lock eyes with a hot stranger but don’t have the courage to approach him/her? The opportunity is not lost if you both have happn.

How does it work?

Just imagine.

hapn-screenshotYou’re facing the most beautiful human being you’ve ever seen in your life. There she is, sipping her macchiato, scrolling on her phone. While you get lost in a daydream about your married life – or hook up — with Mrs. Macchiato, she suddenly gets up and hails a cab.

Well, thanks to happn, you just need to press the heart button on her profile. If the secret ‘Like’ is mutual, you can start to chat and invite her for another coffee. She hasn’t used the app in a few days? Doesn’t matter: send her a Charm and she’ll get a notification that you’d like to connect.

The profile on your timeline might be a neighbor who you see every day but haven’t had the chance or courage to approach or even someone you’ve never actually seen who visits the same places you frequent.

happn is only a few months old but is already a buzz app in Europe. It’s launching in New York this month and you can download it now to make it happn!

Available on Android and iPhone”
Download Here : http://bit.ly/FreeWilliamsburgHappn