Halfslant's Nowa Soda Needs Your Help

Halfslant, an artist’s collective committed to bringing art to alternative spaces (such as last year’s Bushwick Lightbox in Brooklyn), have a new project in the works and they need your help!

Nowa Soda means the New Soda in Polish. The five week long artist in residency program aims to transform the building in which the exhibition and residency will be held, which used to house the Krakow Soda Works chemical refinery plant for almost 100 years. The sole remaining building from the immense complex, the Centre for Contemporary Art Solvay has a complex and fascinating history- Pope John Paul II worked there during World War II to avoid deportation and today it stands as a forgotten monument and symbol of the transformations that have occurred in Poland over the last 20 years.

Real Estate’s Alex Bleeker lent a hand with original music for the film, asking for your help with donations to help fund the exhibition which opens mid-May. Your $$ goes a long way, and you’ll be rewarded for your good deed with personalized postcards from Poland, Limited Edition artwork, and custom designed t-shirts by Spanish artist Ester Partegas. For more information on the artists, check out the Nowa Soda website. And be sure to DONATE!

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