Greenpoint mom says she was purposely locked in the horror known as the McCarren Park bathroom

Picture via Jordan Guile

Picture via Jordan Guile

So you’re playing a little frisbee in McCarren Park and you realize halfway through your giant drink from Turkey’s Nest that you might have to use a bathroom. Spritzenhaus is a bit far away so you decide to suck it up and visit the slimefest of the McCarren Park bathroom. After waiting in line you do what you need to do with the quickness and efficiency of an IndyCar pit crew and exit hoping to live a happy life and forget that you ever were in there. That is unless you get locked in by a park employee like one Greenpoint mother claims happened this Memorial Day. From The Brooklyn Paper:

The line was about eight women deep when an employee came by and told those waiting they would have to step aside because it was time to lock the lavatory. The ladies argued that they had been waiting since before closing time and that the facilities were so foul they had left the park and come back with their own toilet paper.

The staffer bowed out of the confrontation, but minutes later, Harris was in a stall and heard a slam and the unmistakable sound of a deadbolt being pulled, she said.

She finished her business and left the stall to find that she, the woman and infant in the next stall, and five of her other line-mates were all trapped, she said.

Harris and a couple of others banged on the door and screamed to be let out, she said. Another few minutes passed before a worker opened the door, smirking, she claimed.

“He had this look on his face like ‘Ha ha. This is super funny,’ ” said Harris of the young man.

The Brooklyn Paper spoke to a parks department spokesperson who is investigating.

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