Great white shark caught close to Rockaway Beach


Further proof that you are never safe in the water. From DNA

A group of friends out fishing about a mile off Rockaway Beach wound up reeling in a baby great white shark and spotted another 10 footer in the water.

The little Jaws was tagged and released by the fishermen.

Steve Fernandez, 29, and his friends were on the water Sunday when they spotted a great white toward the rear of the boat that was an estimated 10-feet long.

“I’ve seen them off shore, never really this close,” said Fernandez, who works in the insurance industry. “There’s no magical fence that keeps them off the beach. They swim wherever they want to go.”

Speaking of Rockaway Beach, FREEwilliamsburg favorite The Naked Heroes killed it at Rippers last week. See them there again July 19. Here’s their latest ‘Blue Medusa’:

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