Gothamist Puts Williamsburg’s The Bagel Store At The Top of Their ‘Best Of’ List

And they are correct. The Bagel Store is amazing!

Williamsburg almost lost this little Bedford Avenue gem when a rent increase pushed owner Scott Rossillo out of his North 3rd Street Space. Thankfully, Rossillo just moved his operation down to the Southside, and they’re still cranking out hot handmade bagels for morning commuters there, and at a second outpost on Metropolitan Avenue. The Bagel Store’s perhaps best known for their specialty limited-edition bagels: seasonal offerings include spinach artichoke ($2 per bagel), sun-dried tomato ($2), banana ($1.75) and bacon-egg-and-cheese ($2.50). They also offer vegan bacon egg and cheese bagels on request, plus themed ones like a red velvet Valentine’s Day bagel in the shape of a heart ($2) and a Mardi Gras french toast bagel with extra sprinkled sugar ($1.50). Now we’ve seen everything!


  1. Up until recently they hired borderline crazy people that TOOK FOREVER to do anything. Good bagels, but the help iz nutz.

  2. Williamsburg says:

    i have never seen the owner – and i’ve been here since they first opened
    the help is not customer friendly in my experience and in the experience of friends that went there (without consulting me first)
    The bagels – kinda dry to me, i actually don’t like them much
    I do like the bagels from the place right next to the bedford L a lot though (especially if i’m lucky and get one still warm from the oven)

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