Goodbye Howard

You were always essential counterpoint to NPR. We’ll miss the show. Fuck our reactionary FCC.


  1. He’ll still be available, you know, if you like the show enough to pay 12.99/month for it.
    Personally, I was over Howard Stern back when he was called “Steve and Garry”, so standing up to the FCC didn’t make him suck any less, in my opinion. I mean, Hitler breathed air, but you don’t see anyone refusing to do that.

  2. i never really got stern. what’s funny about a bunch of sycophantic assholes sucking up to the boss? and that robin woman — worse than condi rice in her own inconsequential way.
    stern, too, sucked up to the powers that be. during the reagan admin he supported bonehead, racist policies with full endorsement or tacit silence.
    so now that he runs afoul of the fcc for some potty jokes he’s a freedom fighter? i don’t think so.
    if you want to pay money to support this void, that’s your prerogative. but i’m hoping he’ll sink into a well deserved obscurity.

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