Good Vibrations Truck Tour Titillates Williamsburg Tonight

image c/o Trojan Facebook page

Sidling up all sexy and shit to the waterfront food trucks tonight will be Trojan’s Good Vibrations Truck.

The tour which kicked off with a Midtown “nooner” yesterday is a new campaign to dispense sexual health do-gooding and promote the new Trojan Vibrating Twister – Trojan’s most powerful vibrator to date! Holla!

Sexual health expert Dr. Logan Levkoff and brand spokespeople will display the new product, talk about the mainstreaming of vibrators and share interesting data on usage and purchase in the US.  In addition, there will be free samples (condoms) and giveaways (sex instruments).

[Now insert a really good orgasm joke that was already taken by the other blogs. Blerg.]

The Good Vibrations Truck hits the Williamsburg Waterfront from 8pm to 10pm tonight, July 29.  And, well, face it – you might as well have a back-up plan when you fail at that last call scramble at Union Pool.


  1. brandonmetal says:

    so i guess i have to point out the obvious, 8-10PM occurs way earlier than union pool last call, so it wouldn’t make much sense for it to be a back up plan. in either case, check out the weather forecast.

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