Good In The Hood: La Superior

La Superior

La Superior (c/o NY Mag)

Good in the Hood: In this feature we take a further look at the restaurants around the neighborhood. 

La Superior

295 Berry St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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The Scene: If you’re a decade-plus New Yorker who’s always traveling to California, it can be torturous to eat even the best tacos New York has to offer. Nothing can compare to the flavor and character of a fresh Cali taco, just as the West Coast still can’t figure out how to make pizza. For me the moment my feelings changed for the better about New York tacos, was the first time I ate at La Superior. There are other great Mexican tacos to be had in North Brooklyn at Wythe Diner, Vamos Al Tequila, Carino, Mesa Coyoacan, and Bushwick’s Tortilleria Mexicana Los-Hermanos. But for the price, style and quality it’s hard to top this small, hole-in-the-wall spot.

Who It’s For: If you’re looking for an affordable sit-down Mexican meal as opposed to grabbing something quick at a taco truck or the nearby Woods or Union Pool, La Superior is the spot. While the prices are cheap, the menu can venture into foodie territory if you want to pay a little more for an entree and have something unique. This is one of those few places where your friends of different income levels can all be happy. Warning: if you think Taco Bell or Chipotle is good Mexican food or get your panties in a knot when you’re jammed into a tiny restaurant, with limited space between neighboring tables, you will not enjoy this amazing spot.

How To Do It: While few things are as fulfilling as a place like this for lunch, the menu really shines at night when the few additions to the menu make an already good menu even better. Some of the best reasonably priced margaritas you’ll find in the city, make it easy to turn a cheap dinner date into a drunken good time. If you’re with a group, ordering up chips, gauc, salsas, various tacos and an entree or two is the way to go. If you don’t get a few of the different tacos to sample, you will regret it as you see the other tables order them.

Local Secret: If you like Micheladas they make one of the more spicy and hangover-relieving one’s in the area. The star of brunch is the fresh squeezed orange juice that the bartender begrudgingly slaves over all brunch long (seriously, don’t ask them about it). For those on a budget, 3 tacos and a water will cost you just over $10 after a tip.


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