Givers and Yellow Ostrich Played Music Hall of Williamsburg

If one were to listen to either Givers or Yellow Ostrich’s 2011 debut they’d expect a very different live show from both bands than what occurred last night. Both on their records lean towards the pop end of indie pop but live bring an energy that can only to be described as youthful. Together they played the Musical Hall of Williamsburg to a sold out crowd that reflected the bands’ ages and enthusiasm.

Brooklyn’s own Yellow Ostrich opened. They gain a lot live because since recording the record singer/guitarist Alex Schaaf filled his band out with ringers—Michael Tapper (We are Scientists, Bishop Allen) and Jon Natchez (Beirut, basically anyone who needs some horns or woodwinds). Schaaf’s brand of vocal-laden indie pop becomes more dynamic, and well louder, with Trapper’s snareless drumming and Natchez ability to make a three-piece sound like a thirteen-piece.

Still, most of the crowd was there to see Givers who play a version of Louisiana Cajun music if it were shaken inside a Diet Coke with Mentos. They bounced through their songs at a frenetic pace to a crowd that was legitimately louder than any I’ve ever heard at the Music Hall.

It was a great show. It looked like this:



When either play New York again, I highly recommend it going. It will look something like this:

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