Girls Recap: If Keira Knightley Was Lena Dunham

Last night, HBO premiered its depraved comedy about life in New York’s outer boroughs, Girls — a show as insidious and hotly anticipated as a sexually transmitted disease. Think: Sex and the City for ugly people with a fat chick named Hannah (played by the show’s writer and director, [Keira Knightley]). New York Post.

Everything men hate about the show Girls I mostly hate, too. The complexities of young women trying to find their voice, who they are, and their intertwined friendships — blah, blah, ugh, give me a tampon and a pineapple drink in a martini glass. Esquire.

[There are] five separate instances of [Keira Knightley’s] breasts in one episode. Five… seriously, pack the breasts in. Seriously. Collider.

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  1. JonJonSquared says:

    One paragraph from the NYPost review shows how difficult it can be to be an actor in NYC without connections. Good luck, kids!

    “Every cast member is an heiress. Williams, who plays the uptight Marnie, is the daughter of NBC News anchor Brian Williams. Jemima Kirke is the daughter of Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke. The parents of Zosia Mamet, the virginal college student Shoshanna, are playwright David Mamet and actress Lindsay Crouse. And Dunham, as Hannah, is the child of artist and photographer Laurie Simmons and painter Carroll Dunham.”

  2. this show leads me to believe that EVERY decision made by a young woman is a bad…. literally every decision.

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