G Train Service Inadequacies

Tried to take the G train lately? Then most of this is probably no news for you. (Surprise! G train service  is kinda sketchy!) But this sign is a pretty funny and poignant way to vent about it and really stick it to the MTA.

(photo via here.)


  1. what?

  2. Consider alternate service on the F, U, train…

  3. I take the G train every day back and forth to work and I never wait more than 5 minutes during rush hour. Plus, there are usually open seats. On weekends the waits aren’t bad either. I don’t know why so many people complain about the G.

    • john lydon says:

      some of us have been using this train for years. it was horrible in the past. still is after 10pm and on weekends. you must be new.

  4. deeeeesss isssss funny hipster

  5. This is great. I put it up on f-book. Who made it? I know I am plain lucky if there’s a train coming and I’m waitin’ on it. The subway is risky now w/ less trains. The MTA ought work 24 hr/day to get our steely system up to snuff with some European-style/class designs and true schedules, “Comfort” in transportation in the cities of Earth, but not NYC. FYI: Parents- after I didn’t always carry my kids, just after 2001 began, it was rough going down w/one in the stroller and one on my body or my 4 year old holding the bannister walking against the flow of straphangers with trepidation, while I wait with the other kid hoisted in the air stroller sideways waiting to catch up w/baby G down in the dark wet train station (old W.96th St.IRT) We travel with food, water, w/toy golf clubs & a wiffle ball set. Up and down the busy stairs all the time with 50 lbs of kids n’stuff. Some peeps know what I’m talking about. Our system and its riders can be pretty cold and nasty. Is it called inhumane?

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