G train continues to be the worst subway line, won’t run to Queens in August


Breaking news: the G train is a piece of shit. It’s infrequent, often late, and it wastes your time by meandering hither and thither through Brooklyn before getting anywhere anyone would actually want to go. But, it’s the only train that goes between Brooklyn and Queens, so we tolerate it. Except that even this, the G’s one and only redeeming quality, is about to change.

From July 26 to September 1, the G train will not run between Nassau and Court Square. No big deal, right? It’s only three stops, you might be thinking. Wrong, idiot.

August is the height of summer, prime sweatin’ time. And now you’re going to have to stand in the hot sun and wait for a bus to ferry you across the Pulaski bridge, a trip that should take five minutes but will end up taking 15, all so you can arrive at Court Square, the Gateway to Midtown, and be packed into an already overcrowded E train with your sticky cohort, all so the MTA can “repair” some “damage” from “Hurricane Sandy.”

What’s to be done? You can attend the Community Town Hall where this will be discussed (Polish Slavic Center at 176 Java on April 3 at 6pm) and yell at whomever you can. Just yell. Yell a lot. Shake the very foundations of the earth with your mighty warcries.


[via Greenpointers]

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