Further Proof The GOP Wants Hillary To Be The Nominee

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: no one will mobilize the Republican base like Hillary Clinton. That’s why the GOP is preparing to run ads like this:

Make her go away. Meanwhile, Hil has a little preacher problem of her own.
UPDATE: The queen of sleaze gets sleazier by claiming she’s won the popular vote thus far. We can only hope Howard Dean will do his job and start calling her on her bullshit.


  1. Is Hillary Clinton running for the democratic nomination or is she planning to destroy the party so she can run as an independent or better yet John McCains VP. It makes no sense that she would still be talking abount Michigan and Florida. It only serves to divide the party. It was decided before they even voted that their votes would not count for the primary. Now they are upset and threatning not to back Barack as if he was the one that decided to not allow their vote to count and as if he would risk the support of millions of people by allowing the vote to count when he did not campaign in Florida and his name was not even on the ballot in Michigan. How she can stand there and say that she has the most votes with a straight face and knowing that it is a lie. It makes me believe the Republican smear videos floating around on the internet. She will lie and do anything to get what she wants. Also,it’s embarrasing that the Republican Party is trying to select who will be the democratic nominee. Does it make any sense to have them say that Barack is not electable if that were the case why are they fighting so diligently for Hillary. Is it not obvious that they don’t want McCain to have to face Barack Obama. Finally, I keep hearing about the fact that a higher precentage of Barack’s people will vote for Hillary, don’t believe that, I and many more will not vote for Hillary if she steals this race. As nasty and negative and untruthful as she pushed in PA she still behind Barack. Every one talks about what would happen if Barack were white, well the truth be told if he were a white man the discussion about his electability would not even take place. He’s winning and still has to explain himself as though he were losing.

  2. super insight you guys, keep writing – it is working

  3. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief said, “Tell a lie, make it a big one, repeat it often enough, and a lot of people will believe it.
    Hillary learned from the best..

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hillary Clinton is turning this campaign into dirty politics as usual,she is detring new voters from wanting to be a part of the process because of the number of lies shes has been caught in and the continuous talking about how good she is and not the issues. To me she is no more qualified than anyone else to be President, did she forget that her HUSBAND was PRESIDENT be for NOT HER, so what way is she more qualified.

  5. Redphilly says:

    I want Hillary to finish this sentence: “I have a better chance of beating McCain in November than Obama…” She keeps starting this sentence, yet never finishes it. I believe the finish is this, “because he is African-American and Caucasian America will not vote for him.” And after she finishes the sentence, I want Black people to stop, look and listen and run for the, no pun intended, hills away from her.

  6. Are all the media stations owned by Republicans? That may explain why the are ignoring Hillary’s constant spin and lies.
    Shame on anyone who believes that Hillary would be alert at 3am, yet she misspoke in detail how planes operate when she landed in Bosnia.
    Now this Clinton-nomic figures she can count MI and FL, and the media supports this claim? If you add in the popular votes from the caucus states such as Washington State and etc., even Nevada, Obama has received the most popular votes and delegate votes in the history of Primary voting.
    The Democrats are falling apart, yet Bush and his cronies are accusing Syria of creating a nuclear bomb with the help of North Korea. Syria is calling the Bush Administration a lie and the accusation is another WMD fabrication. Republicans on the Armed Senate Armed Committee is questioning facts, feeling used as Bush manipulated the situation.
    We don’t need a “spin” President in the White House again.
    There’s the real truth and the “spin” truth as seen through the eyes of Clinton and Bush.
    I believe the media, Bill, and Hillary consistently use “code words” to race and gender bait, and shame on the Democratic Party for going along with this tactic. I guess the DNC true colors aren’t blue, just white.
    I not only will NEVER for fot Hillary, I will never vote for anyone with the last name Clinton or Bush, and I will become an Independent.
    As far as November, McCain nor Nader will not get my protest vote either. I’ll write in “Obama/Gore”.

  7. Speaking of YouTube, no one is vetting the Peter Paul vs. Hillary, Bill, and the FEC. Why is that????
    If we must hear the same re-hashing on Obama, why are these videos not being widely played?
    The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See! (1of2)
    The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See! (2of2)
    Zennie Recap on Peter Paul v. Clinton
    Don’t Tell Everything
    Hillary Campaign Frauds Exposed by Peter Paul on ABC 20/20 – John Stosel reporting

  8. If you can’t stand the heat..
    get out of the kitchen…
    oh look …here comes Jeramiah Wright….yee haw….as Howard Dean would say…
    another loss for the Democrat hypocrites.

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