Fun with Maps! Everybody who lives here works here also.

Image courtesey of Harry Kao

From the blog Flowing Data, the interactive designer Harry Kao has taken information from the TranStats database of commuting (did you know there was one? I didn’t!) and made these neat interactive maps that show just who’s commuting to and from your neighborhood.

I plugged in the zip 11211 and, guess what? Pretty much everyone who works here lives here too. Ok, so some people who live here work in Manhattan, and there’s some random dude (or lady!) commuting into Jersey City every day, but I guess we all gotta pay the bills somehow, right?

Anyways, check it out. And just for fun try typing in your zip and then comparing it with your parents’ or something.



  1. true that’s why the L train is always empty

  2. No, it’s just that most of those midwest morons that invaded Williamsburg DON’T work. Unless they’re professional finger-painters or something.

  3. 22.4% is “pretty much everyone”?

  4. The MMP union hall is in Jersey City. A bunch of merchant sailors lay up in Brooklyn waiting on ships out of New York harbor because…well….it’s not Jersey City.

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