From Brooklyn to BPM: The Design Behind All Day I Dream


In less than two weeks, the 10th Anniversary of The BPM Festival will descend on the lively city of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. *Sips excitedly from salt-rimmed margarita glass.* The annual event welcomes more than 375 of house and techno’s biggest names, and a collection of 60,000 music lovers who come from near and far to celebrate the scene’s best and brightest.

So what does this south of the border shindig have in common with our fair borough? Aside from fast tacos on every corner, many of the featured artists have close ties to Brooklyn, and one highly anticipated Martina Beach party in particular had its humble beginnings here. Once again, Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream of BPM tops the list of #BPM2017’s “must see showcases”. The acid house DJ who has been credited with launching Hong Kong’s underground club scene in the 1990s has become a household name among neighborhood scenesters thanks to his experimental beats and sun drenched day parties.


LA-Based House Producer Hoj is the creative mind behind All Day I Dream

We had the chance to chat with Hoj, the creative mastermind behind All Day I Dream‘s airy aesthetic. The house producer (and close friend of Burridge) splits his time between Los Angeles and Brooklyn (that is, when he’s not entrancing crowds at Burning Man, Santa Monica’s U.R. Art Festival or any other spot that you probably just aren’t cool enough to know about yet.)  He reveals how a friendly stroll through New York City changed the face of house music and Sunday afternoons forever.

FW: How did you originally become involved in the All Day I Dream project? 

Hoj: One night Lee and I went for a walk in New York. He had done this mix called “All Day I Dream of Her” that I was obsessed with. I think everybody was obsessed with it. We talked a lot about bringing the musical element back to dance music. I guess we were in a similar place  – gravitating toward a more emotional and melodic sound. At the time, there wasn’t really anywhere for us to play that sound besides the usually spontaneous after party. Lee wanted to take the after party to the next level and make it THE party. He wanted to give this music a platform with Sunday daytime events. I loved the music and was down to help out in any way I could. It was a really long walk.

FW: How has All Day I Dream evolved from its humble beginnings as a Brooklyn rooftop party to the global sensation it has become today?

Hoj: It was always more about sharing great music with great people. We’ve just kept the music and the people at the core – starting in Brooklyn, then trying LA and Mexico and on and on. The music and the community that has come together because of it are what keep me going.

FW: How will the spirit of that first party be represented at this year’s 2017 BPM Showcase?

Hoj: The elements remain consistent – the music, the stage, the warmth, the location, and the lovely people. Although these elements have evolved over the years, they still come together in the same way and create a similar experience for people.

FW: What goes into building a brand design for a party? What are the themes and feelings you try to convey?

Hoj: It takes a lot of work to achieve simplicity. There is lots of trying, head-scratching, deleting and starting over. With the brand design for All Day I Dream, I wanted to visualize a dream in a natural and organic way. I wanted something that felt pure. The idea for the design was simple – like every dream, every cloud is completely unique and only exists in that moment. So, I used a single cloud to represent each dream. And as the events and releases continued, the idea was that all those clouds would create our very own All Day I Dream sky.

People told us to change the artwork after the first year – to do something more obviously different for each event so people could tell the difference more easily. But we didn’t change it, which makes me happy. To me, every cloud is already different.  I think people will appreciate the purity, uniqueness, and beauty of something if you give them the chance, even if it isn’t quite as obvious. That’s a theme and quality I associate with All Day I Dream.

FW: How does one of your All Day I Dream sets differ from something you might play at another venue like Burning Man or a large-scale nightclub?

Hoj: I always draw upon my environment when I play. All Day I Dream is an open-air, warm, daytime environment, and musically I try to play what’s right for that. For some reason, there are plenty of amazing tracks that I’ve only ever played once at an All Day I Dream event. I guess I find stuff that gets “reserved” for those sets.

FW: Why is BPM Festival the perfect spot to further the All Day I Dream brand?

Hoj: It’s funny. The way I remember it, the first “unofficial” All Day I Dream party was actually at BPM back in 2010. Lee and I were playing one night at [a popular nightclub venue called] La Santanera, after which a friend invited people back to his villa. Somebody set up decks in the living room and Lee played for hours and hours, into the next day and night, and the morning after that. Other people would play for a bit, then Lee would jump back on. It was just a handful of good friends and a lot of the emotive, daytime, after-hours-like music that became the basis of All Day I Dream. I was super inspired and did a mix called “After hours at the Villa” as soon as I got home. I haven’t listened to it in years. I hope it doesn’t suck now.

FW: How do you hope to see All Day I Dream grow in Brooklyn and beyond in the coming years?

Hoj: I’d love to see All Day I Dream continue to grow as it has been, organically and with a sense of community. It’s been pretty awesome watching the community grow around the world, and it’s been great to watch the music continue to evolve as well. It’s always special coming back to Brooklyn – it’s like the events evolve and change, but without losing that special something that has always been at the core since day one.

FW: What advice can you offer to a newcomer who is hoping to build a similar event with name recognition?

Hoj: Build something you truly love, and people are more likely to love it too.

The next year will be a busy one for Hoj who has a release coming out on All Day I Dream and a new label set to launch in 2017. Keep your eyes peeled for scheduled events in New York and Brooklyn on the heels of those spring releases.

Ticket information for All Day I Dream of BPM 2017 are below:

All Day I Dream of BPM
Dates – January 7, 2017
Location – Martina Beach Club
Lineup: Lee Burridge, Hoj, Lost Desert
Info and Tickets HERE 

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