Friends – I’m His Girl


  1. GuyWithTaste says:

    Can’t believe this band is getting any measurable hype. Stop trying to make this Friends happen. I saw them live and they were laughable, at best.

  2. Explanation of FRIENDS, that band:

    Real estate mogul 2 years ago buys Bushwisk real estate in the inevitable phenomenon creative persons with lower rent needs and paychecks will be pushed in that direction. Mentioned mogul posts ad on Craigslist looking for “local model-type who can carry a tune. If you like to write lyrics, that’s a plus! To front band I will finance and promote to marketing websites” Get chick backed my 2 anonymous hairy studio musicians who can REALLY make the music, incorporate other model “friend” (so clever!) and throw her on bass Sid Viscious style. Get them gigs, and get their videos played on style-maker websites that in themselves are promoted as grassroots though they are subsidiaries of BUZZMEDIA Marketing (actual company that own Gorilla vs Bear).

    Quintessentially broke young Brooklynite “bedbugs united us” story with your friend of 20 years who you don’t realize also likes to play music until that one night she stays over, then 6 days later you play a show, then you play together all the time, and over the course of a year you get hundreds of thousands you youtube hits for the ONLY 3 songs that you only ever play at said gigs? 3, in a year, despite being a songwriter who has been writing since being a little girl, supposedly.

    Bushwick becomes the new Williamsburg. His invested real estate gets sold for incredible profit, including the last dollar in your pocket after you get your crappy barback tips to buy their “limited press vinyl!”… Wake up, you damned sheep. All these indie acts are nothing more then modern day Sex Pistols, who were the original Backstreet Boys. Bah.

  3. Ed Vanders says:

    Only band I get nauseous thinking about. A complete ruse. Gimmick shit-party music stalking the good venues of the hood. Willing to fuck up any bill at the drop of a dumb space-hat or whatever I saw the lead singer wearing onetime. Goodness how my venom drips, Sorry.

  4. You and Me says:

    I like how this dumb fucking hipster whore is outlining the most banal, obvious points of modern youthful relationships…. gee, really? You’re young, energetic and have no reason not to sleep with as many people as you can while you’re still capable of pulling this off? Wowzers… some serious social insights straight to the core of inconsequential twentysomethings….

  5. HATERGONNA HATE , this track is dope
    who cares of what you moron says

  6. that'sanicehat says:

    Nice throwback sound from someone around when that sound was new. I agree with coco, track is dope!

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