Free WiFi Coming to McCarren Park

You know how you’re chillin’ at McCarren and those 5 cherry bomb jello shots kick in and it’s suddenly urgently necessary to watch that video where the baby bulldog can’t turn over.  What?  Only me?  Well, whatever you do with the internets, you’ll soon be able to surf the web with ease..

The New York Mayor’s Office and AT&T have announced that free WiFi will be provided in McCarren Park, as well as Brooklyn Bridge Park, Fort Greene Park, Herbert Von King Park, and Prospect Park.

Now if only they could install free WiFi in the subway so we could instantly holla at that L(ust) train missed connection.

Oh and watch this video.


  1. MaryHadaLilLAmb says:

    at first i was like “oh so cute.” then i was like ” help the damn puppy get up already!”

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