Free Pirate Wi-Fi On The L This Week

From 3rd Ward:

If you’re riding the L Train between 8am and 10am any day this week, you might want to whip out your smartphone or another device with wifi capabilities. During those hours, if you’re riding between Morgan Avenue and 8th Avenue, you’ll be able to connect to the “L Train Notwork,” a pirate wi-fi intranet that’s being hosted by the creative

The Notwork will include a variety of different features and content, including a live chat room/dating site, curated content from local authors, poets and visual artists, news feeds from popular websites and “a few other surprises.” didn’t get any special permission for the project, as they won’t be breaking any rules. The battery-powered webserves used to create the Notwork’s wi-fi hotspots will be carried onto the train and never left unattended.

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