Free Oneida and Oxford Collapse show at the wonderful East River Park Amphitheatre

WHEN: Saturday July 30th – 2-6pm
PRICE: Free admission
WHERE: East River Park Amphitheatre
just south of the Williamsburg Bridge on the Manhattan side
SUBWAY: F or JMZ to Essex / Delancey
— DJ Brian Turner
— Tall Firs
Oxford Collapse
Oneida: Their latest album,”The Wedding”, covers many bases, from ranging full-on rawk to quirky, low-key pop. Jagjaguwar describes their previous album as follows; this seems as good an encapsulation of their sound as anything I can come up with: “Their trademark iterated and psych-tinged noise attack is still fully intact, both nervous and subdued at the same time – like what happens when you give meditative children trained in the ways of yoga an excessive amount of caffeine.”
Oxford Collapse: The Oxford Collapse’s newest album, A Good Ground, is a distillation of twenty-plus years’ worth of underground rock and roll, evoking early REM, the Meat Puppets, and others. It’s catchy as hell, propelled by melodic basslines and accentuated by jangly guitar work, and makes for a damn good summertime listen.

Tall Firs: Swirling guitars and edgy vocals; if the Oxford Collapse evoke SST Records circa ’85, the Tall Firs could have fit on said label two years later. Described on the Tonic website as “Songs of time machines and whiskey.”
Extra Action Marching Band: They’re a marching band who’ve won the SF Bay Guardian’s Readers’ Poll for Best Rock Band, which should tell you a lot. Flag twirlers, a percussion section, you name it…twenty-eight people strong. They have the honor of leading us from the ‘theater when the show is through.


  1. oneida are boring now – fuck em – get the new Can and La Dusseldorf reissues instead

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