Fort Lean played Santos Party House

Last night the rocking boys of Fort Lean played their first headlining show. It was at Santos Party House. It was SOLD OUT. And it was supposed to be the celebration of the “Sunsick” single, their first physical release (because of an error, the 7″s were not available, but the single is still downloadable and still absolutely amazing).

There is something impressive about frontman Keenan Mitchell, who walks on stage already shirtless. Wild yellow hair flying all over the place. Entering right into “High Definition,” from last year’s EP (also available for free download!) They plowed through a high-energy set of songs from the EP, a few new songs and the song of the night “Sunsick,” along with the B-side “The Precinct.”

This band has the ability to perform these songs in a way that is both spot on compared to the recorded versions, and also infusing them with so much personality and captivating the crowd. On “Beach Holiday” for example, every single drum fill was perfectly recreated, Keenan swung his hair and body around wildly. Perfect.

Listen to the new, perfectly coupled one-two punch, “Sunsick” and “The Precinct” below. And be on the lookout for when the 7″ is released.


  1. sammy hagar called, he wants his hair back

  2. Faith No More called. They want their awesome back!

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