Former Morning Show Host, Harry Smith, Moving to The Edge

One word: bizarre

Hipster Pat Kiernan is no longer the only TV anchor calling Williamsburg home, as Hipster Harry Smith, formerly the host of CBS’ The Early Show and currently a contributor at NBC, is—just like Kiernan before him—making the move from the Upper West Side. Smith purchased a 1,795-square-foot, 2BR, 2.5BA penthouse in The Edge for $1,837,941.25, city records show, and will soon be biking joyfully over the Williamsburg Bridge, which is something that he likes to do (biking, not necessarily over the Williamsburg Bridge), according to his Wikipedia page. The apartment was listed in May for $1,835,000, meaning that Smith paid almost three grand over the asking price for the somewhat nondescript, many-windowed penthouse.


  1. JonJonSquared says:

    Oh, great. That apt price is unfathomable just a few short years ago.

    Here comes the post-stampede stampede. Have you noticed all of the giant condo buildings now under construction on the Northside? (N11 & Bedford, and all behind McCarran Park?)

    Should we all just go to Detroit already?

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