Forget Crunch and NY Sports Club, get in shape locally at CAYPE Athletics



There’s a new gym in North Brooklyn. CAYPE Athletics is open for business helping Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint get in shape.

At CAYPE Athletics our coaches strive to provide a healthy, fun, safe, and encouraging environment for our members. With years of experience behind our coaches, members will gain a wealth of knowledge that will improve their overall fitness. Members of CAYPE Athletics will also learn to surpass what they thought were their limits.

Confused about what you ideal workout should be? At CAYPE Athletics, workout programs are customized for you. Our goal is not to attract masses, but rather people who want to achieve a level of overall fitness they’ve never imagined possible for themselves. Start getting in shape at  CAYPE Athletics today.

CAYPE Athletics
306 Stagg Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Tel: 718-417-1119