Foodswings is closing

foodswingsVegan fast food joint Foodswings is going to be to be shutting down due to issues with their landlord. They announced in a Facebook post that they would be closing down within 1-6 months. From their post:

Foodswings has a very sad but important announcement. Due to problems with our landlord, Foodswings will likely be forced to close its doors sometime soon. We are trying to stay, and it could be one month, or 3 months or 6. Just thought I’d warn all you loyal Foodswings fans that the time to get your Foodswings fix is ASAP as we don’t know exactly when our time on this earth will be over. Come in now and often. We could really use the support right now.

- @joshmorrissey


  1. In that span of time I might be able to get one meal at the rate their service works. Not sure how it survived this long, rude staff and slow service every time I’ve gone.

  2. SuperAndrew says:

    Personable staff, fast service, and incredible American vegan food. This is a sad day in Billyburg.

    Get it before it’s gone!


    I’m gonna cry.

  4. They should have tried harder… Food is great (most of the time) but their service is the SLOWEST, most apathetic sh!t I’ve ever seen. Seriously! One time I waited over 45 minutes for TAKEOUT and they burned my veggie burger so bad that it was inedible. The place wasnt even crowded and the phones werent exactly ringing off the hook. They’re just lazy. The worst part was that they tried to hide it by putting it on the bun burnt side down… psshh, like i wouldn’t know when i bit into the damn thing. I’m not surprised they’re doing badly.

  5. this is blowey

  6. So finding a new location isn’t a possibility?

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