Veggie fast food favorite Foodswings is now closed


Well we knew this was coming, but evidently there last day was January 26.

Vegan junk food emporium Foodswings served its last plate of mock fish sticks on January 26. Last month, the management told the Brooklyn Paper that the landlord tripled the rent and the restaurant was operating for the last year without a lease. The owners announced the closing on Facebook at the end of January, and now the phone line is dead. Although Foodswings was not a foodie favorite or a critical darling, it was a popular standby for vegans and junk food fans in the neighborhood for over nine years.


  1. 285 Kent, Public Assembly, Foodswings… Williamsburg is but a shadow of its former glory. How long until this blog is shut down / renamed to FreeGreenpoint?

  2. synonymous says:

    i’m surprised bliss is still alive. i wish peter luger’s would shut down.

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