Foghat guitarist dead at 57

From AP

WILTON, New Hampshire (AP) — Guitarist Rod Price, founding member of the blues boogie band Foghat, died Tuesday after falling down a stairway at his home, a family friend said. He was 57.
The London native’s solos drove Foghat to three platinum and eight gold records during the band’s quarter-century career.

Foghat released its self-titled debut album in 1972. The group was best known for the hit single, “Slow Ride,” from the 1975 album, “Fool for the City.”
After many years of touring he settled in Wilton in 1994. Many in town knew Price as a loving dad who never missed his son’s baseball, soccer or basketball games. Fewer people knew of Price’s musical background.
Price had played with Champion Jack Dupree, Duster Bennett, Eddie Kirkland, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon and Honey Boy Edwards.
In recent years, Price concentrated on his blues projects, cutting several CDs and giving private guitar lessons at his home.


  1. chukkie flowers says:

    damn shame..

  2. Ozzie needs to move into a single-story rambler before it’s too late.

  3. All of South Jersey is having a Camero light vigil

  4. Just today I found out about Rod Price passed away. This makes me sad to hear this, he was a gentleman’s gentlemen amoungst all of us BluesGartist around the globe. My respects and compassion to his family and friends. He will never be forgotten in my home.
    I played guitar with Rod Price up at Mt. Hood , Oregon 1 1/2 years ago in Government Camp. He heard me play and brought back his crew and gear to stay the night. What a sweet slide player and friend. I remember Rod at the Whisky A GoGo in foghat along with Edgar Winter/ Rick Harringer/AKA
    Darringer… completely put me in shock. We will all miss him greatly. God Bless Rod Price, Monte

  5. Must have been something in my eyes, but, I missprinted Two Items. Line 2-1st para’, BluesGartist = BluesGuitarist. Line 1-2nd para, 1 1/2 = 4 1/2 years ago.
    In remembrance, Rod Price said to me, ( There’s a lot of shxtty guitar players out there, but, you’re not one of them ). Not only was he complimentary, but, he was real- from the heart. If only the rest of us could follow his wisdom, there would be a lot more caring and sharing goin’ on amoungst us- leaving our egos at the Hatrack! Blues was built on caring & sharing- no matter what we bring to the table from our talents. The heart connected to the head, always leads to a good song.
    Respectively, Your Friend- Monte- Bluesman…

  6. S. Price says:

    Not related.
    Listening to “Slow Ride’ as I type this…
    Rest in peace.

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