Five best shows of the weekend


Image courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Image courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

5) Iggy Azalea at Rockefeller Center
While you pretty much know what you’re going to get at this one—a throng of drooling middle-aged dudes and way-too-young-to-be-dressed-like-that teeny boppers at 8am in midtown Manhattan—one thing makes this (almost) worth it: The drunken, kinda-creepy beat from song-of-the-summer hit, “Fancy”, which may well be the best thing to happen to Top 40 this year.

Friday, doors at 8am

4) Summer Slaughter Tour 2014 at Irving Plaza
In the two years since I’ve been curating this section, Live Nation’s Union Square outpost, Irving Plaza, has been, at best, a sporadic visitor, popping from time to time with a bottle of wine and a glimmer in its eye. This week that glimmer ignited an inferno, with the Summer Slaughter battalion rolling into town for a one-day mini-fest headlined by death metals legends like Morbid Angel and Dying Fetus, and supported by comparative young guns like Goatwhore and Fallujah, both of whom put their name on killer full lengths this summer. If you’re into extreme metal, or finally looking to justify that on-a-whim leather pants splurge, this one is a can’t-miss proposition.

Friday, doors at 2pm

3. Black Bananas, Shockwave Riderz at Southstreet Seaport
Further staking its claim to New York City’s glistening summer music gold veins, The Seaport Music Festival shreds on this weekend with a killer one-two punch courtesy of Black Bananas and Shockwave Riderz. And although I harbor some serious reservations about any band that thinks spelling wordz with z’s is ztill awezome, Black Bananas—who I saw opening for The Kills at an outdoor show a few summers back—are sure to do justice to a forecast wrought by Artemis herself.

Friday, doors at 7pm

2. Planning For Burial, Sea Creature, Earth Mover at The Acheron
Picking through this weekend’s list of shows, I couldn’t help but notice that the overwhelming majority were free, happy, sunny, and totally safe celebrations of clouds and fun and people who still like Grizzly Bear. This, much like cotton candy, is fine in small doses, but a Weekender (as its affectionately known around our imaginary office) just isn’t a Weekender if it’s afraid to get its hands dirty. So I turned, of course, to Brooklyn’s crust-capital, The Acheron, for some much needed nastiness and found plenty on offer from doom-wave merchant Planning For Burial, who is sure to have eardrums throbbing for mercy on Sunday night with a little help from Sea Creature and Earth Mover (who win the unofficial band name of the weekend award).

Sunday, doors at 9pm

1. St. Vincent, San Fermin at the Prospect Park Bandshell
Whether you have bought into the whole Annie Clark-as-Ziggy Stardust shtick or simply accepted it as the unfortunate stylistic whim of a still-great artist, there is no question that Celebrate Brooklyn’s St. Vincent-headlined show pony is by far the biggest, and given Annie’s guitar chops, quite possibly the baddest (in a good way) show of the weekend. Adding even more to the considerable allure of this equation, is the fact the dog days are upon us once again, meaning what precious little time we have for frostbite-free outdoor drinking here in the great northeast is rapidly and irreversibly fleeting.

Saturday, doors at 7:30pm

Honorable Mentions

Latino Punk Fest 2014 at The Acheron

ABC Family Pilot Taping: That’s So Sky
Sky Ferreria at Verboten

NOT To Be Confused With Drowning Pool
Drowningman at Saint Vitus

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