First Period: English; Second Period: Algebra; Third Period: Jesus 101

From Newsweek:
“Georgia marched back into the culture wars last week when Gov. Sonny Perdue signed a bill allowing Bible classes in public high schools. An estimated 8 percent of the nation’s schools offer some form of Bible study. But the Georgia law is the first to set statewide guidelines and earmark public dollars for a Bible course. Five other states are considering similar measures….
In the past, school Bible lessons were informal. Now two groups with national influence and powerful backers are offering states comprehensive curricula. Last fall the nonprofit Bible Literacy Project published “The Bible and Its Influences,” a textbook endorsed by moderate Christian and Jewish groups. So far, 30 schools are teaching the pilot program, and the group says 800 schools have shown interest. Meanwhile, the National Council for Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, backed by a long list of conservative evangelicals, including Pat Robertson, says its curriculum is already taught in 353 school districts. However, if Georgia opts for either program it will be the first time that a state has officially adopted a Bible curriculum.”


  1. …. only in GA…. what a shame.

  2. wtf…I know it is the south, but come on!

  3. I went to Catholic school nearly my whole life… those poor kids will be suicidal soon enough

  4. Jeffrey Gayle James says:

    You know, religious studies taught from a relative standpoint and with plurality is find by me (similar to that of university religious courses).
    However, when a state senator makes this comment (which you can find in the full Newsweek article at the bottom)…
    “We simply have to teach ‘This is what happened‚Äîmake your own judgments’,”
    …they should know god damn well that this course is an indoctrination process. They are not teaching religion, they are sponsoring and discriminating.

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