First Domino Sugar condostrosity to be six stories taller than the Edge


On Sunday, we bid adieu to Domino once again with the closing of the Kara Walker installation. Now we find that Two Trees, run by the insane Walentas family, have filed permits for the first building to be constructed on the site:

DOB filings indicate that 320 Kent Avenue will span 470,106 square feet and 36 stories, rising 401 feet to its pinnacle. The tower will include a 41,801 square foot commercial component, and the remainder will be residential, divided between 392 units.

As mentioned before, DeBlasio and councilman Stephen Levin are not interested in battling for air rights in North Brooklyn. Instead, they are allowing developers to build as high they wish, provided they throw the community a bone in the form of affordable housing. Affordable housing is of course an important issue, but so are air rights, public transportation, and the desires of the community.


  1. There it is: affordable housing. Can we ease up on the bitching? Not sure how two trees can contribute to public transportation or air rights. However, how many units of affordable housing will there be?

  2. Am I missing something? Why do investors continue to build luxury building that are a 15 minute+ walk when the existing ones can’t even be filled without offering them at a deep discount?

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