Fatty ‘Cue Meets The Brooklyn Star

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image c/o Tasting Table

This weekend, two of the neighborhood’s foodie finest – Fatty ‘Cue and The Brooklyn Star – are switching it up to showcase each other’s famous carnivorous fare.

On Friday, August 26 and Saturday, August 27, you can dine on The Brooklyn Star’s fried pig tails with jalapeno onion hush puppies at Fatty ‘Cue. In turn, dig into Fatty ‘Cue’s lamb ribs, cincalok and white wine brine and garlic-lemon emulsion at The Brooklyn Star. And with different chefs at the helm, it’s likely you’ll be experiencing new spins on old favorites.


  1. i don’t know who would confuse either of these restaurants as the “neighborhood’s foodie finest,” except for the owners of said establishments and the author of this post, who may work at one of these places but definitely doesn’t know much about food.

    i’m quite sure she’s very knowledgeable about other things though. she’s probably a lot of peoples’ best friend. [i’m not trying to be mean to her personally.]

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