Extremely Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Duane Reade Weekly Circular

Duane Reade Weekly Circular

If you waited until the last minute to get your new girlfriend’s parents a gift, don’t panic. Take a deep breath. You still have 24 hours left (give or take) and Duane Reade is open on holidays! To help relieve some of the present stress, we’ve scoped out the best gifts that might pass off as something kind of thoughtful.

The Top 9 Pharmacy Finds:

Libby Wine Glasses – $1 each
Blood Pressure Monitor $49.99
Living Solutions 10 Speed Blender $19.99
Christmas Themed Flask $7.99
LED Multi-Purpose Screwdriver $9.99
Soundflow Wireless Dock Digital Clock $19.99
Chia Pet $12.99
2-Pack Umbrellas $9.99
Wallet and Manicure Gift Set $14.99


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