Eminem Kicks Some Republican Ass

We officially LOVE Eminem after watching this. Karl Rove and Dubya don’t share the sentiment. Check out his new, amazingly vindictive indictment of Bush Inc. Hopefully MTV will have the balls to air it. As Salon states “‘Mosh'” [is] the most powerful broadside against the administration since ‘Fahrenheit 9/11.'”
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  1. Joe Joe jackson says:

    This is HUGE!!!! No way MTV will play it. I’m surprised that CNN, etc aren’t covering this

  2. Sorry, but regardless of his political leanings, he still sucks. If you think his music is crap, it’s crap, no matter how ballsy the video.

  3. Its a good song too

  4. whew… i wasnt sure that it was right for me to support bush like i do, but now that the mindless eminem supports kerry, i know im on the right side of the ball.

  5. Eminem sucks! He is a white trash wigger low-life who ACTS like he is one of the ghetto trash losers from DA HOOD. He is a total jerk.
    THe guy makes his living by degrading people and LOWERING the quality of American life. He is NO hero. He is just a low-class wigger that yells into a microphone and is paid WAY too much money to do it. The unfairness of the American system is trash like him can be millionaires while the majority who work REAL jobs will be no where close. That is the great American SCAM. He is no hero and if anything, he makes people vote FOR BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. All you silly liberals are farting in the wind. The majority has spoken. All your bitching and moaning has accomplished nothing. You are all ineffectual twats. SUCK IT!

  7. eminem kicks ASS

  8. Eminem is Good Rapper… I Dont know why he did the crap like Mosh . May be there is some reason for that. However i just love the he raps i dont care while he is Coverin ass of someone. I Like Bush Either.

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