Eliza Skinner is: Shameless

Our friend Eliza Skinner is pretty damn funny. She’ll be performing her show Shameless tomorrow at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Just 5 bucks. Here’s how UCB describes her performance:

A show about people you hate, but have to love. Eliza Skinner’s characters are horrible people – viciously real and wickedly funny. She presents 3 gleefully repugnant portraits of a mother, a wife, a party girl; all of them skipping past the point of no return.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

Eliza’s other video from the same show is pretty damn funny too. For more information on her show, visit The Upright Citizens Brigade. [Thanks Jeff]


  1. She’s great. She should be on SNL, perhaps the show would stop sucking so much then. They need some new talent now that Tina Fey left.

  2. hilarious!

  3. I liked her first video better

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