Electric Zoo 2014 Survival Guide


The time is finally upon us. It’s that glorious weekend in NYC when we can throw caution to the wind and dance like maniacs for three days straight. The animals will RAGE. Electric Zoo will take over Randall’s Island Friday Aug. 29 – Aug. 31st. Whether it’s your first time out of the cage, or you’re a howling veteran we want to make sure you’re geared up with everything from A-Trak to Zedd (A to Z – get it??) to make this weekend safe, fun and all-around epic.

Visit the Electric Zoo website first. You’ll be able to get a quick snapshot of items that are allowed and items that are prohibited during the festival. One of the big changes for this year is NO CAMELBAKS. Regardless of size, you’ll need to leave your Camelbak at home, or risk getting turned away.

So here are some great things to keep handy:

Empty, clear water bottle up to 1L – Leave the Camelbak at home, but don’t forget to bring a clear, empty water bottle up to 1L in size. Free water stations will be plentiful on the island, so stay hydrated with a container you can refill while on the premises. Electrolyte drinks will also be available for FREE at the medical tents and appointed “Zookeepers” will be distributing water and electrolytes throughout the crowd. T-Mobile will be providing clip-on, refillable water pouches as well.

Fanny Pack – They’re not just for your weird uncle anymore! It looks like security is pretty strict with bag size this year, so stay safe with a fanny pack. Your cooperation will keep those initial security lines moving quickly, and you’ll be able to go twice as hard with less on your person.

Travel size Sunblock – Just because the summer’s almost over (sad) doesn’t mean you can stop wearing sunblock. Apply before you get to the island, and bring a small bottle for touch ups throughout the day.

Sunglasses – Bonus points if they light up at night.

Reliable Sneakers – Look, I know you bought these furry boots for this very event. But if you’re planning on walking the bridge and grooving for three days, you’re going to want a reliable pair of sneakers. Just do yourself a favor. Feel free to fur out in all other regards.

RaveAid – This all-natural, FDA approved supplement is the nectar of the gods when it comes to music festivals. The unique combination of B Vitamins, 5HTP and electrolytes gives you proactive and restorative care that will keep you energized for dancing all weekend. Don’t bring the whole bottle with you like an idiot, because security doesn’t have time for that shit. Follow the instructions on the bottle, and be sure to take one on Thursday and then every night after you get home. You can get this supplement on Amazon.com and at select GNC’s.

UNOPENED cigarette packs – If you’re a smoker, make sure that you have a fresh pack each morning as open cigarette packs will be tossed by security. This is NYC, and that’s too expensive of a mistake to make, so come prepared!

Ziplock Bags for Cigarette Butts – Don’t be an asshole. Clean up after yourself.

Toilet Paper – Though they generally do a pretty good job of keeping the toilets clean and stocked at Electric Zoo, you’ll probably want to keep a spare pack of tissues in your bag for porto-mergencies.

Small Flashlight – You’ll want this for the bathrooms at night, and in case you drop something in the crowd.

An Animal Costume – Thankfully, the weather has been super mild which means this is the perfect opportunity to wear that fuzzy dinosaur costume you bought off of Ebay one night when you were drunk.

A Poncho – It’s looking like rain on Sunday, so stay dry for that much anticipated Jack-U headlining set with a disposable plastic poncho.

Blanket or towel for chilling – You’re going to need a break at some point. Stay classy with a nice blanket or sheet to lounge on during the day.

A Credit Card – Electric Zoo may be cashless this year, but you’ll want to have a spare credit card on you in case you need to top off your E-Z Bucks. Make sure to put some money on your bracelet before you arrive on Friday so you’ll be able to gain quick access to food and drink during the festival.

A Good Attitude – Electric Zoo is all about PLUR. Make new friends. Dance with strangers. If you see someone who’s thirsty, share some water. If someone needs help, offer a hand! This is a weekend for good vibes. Be sure to leave any and all negativity outside the zoo gates.


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