Eating in the Burg


Welcome to February. There are only two acceptable reasons to ever leave the house in this most bitter of months: to eat, drink and then return home to sleep the pain away. Seamless, GrubHub and crew have made it almost too easy to receive sustenance, survive the winter, and never see another living soul again. But until a booze delivery service is developed or HBO is purchased, trips to the outside world are a must. Allow these five new players to hit the Brooklyn food scene to woo you out of your self-imposed hibernation, with promises of pizza, poutine, chicken and waffles and braised beef cheeks.

Was I the only local woefully unaware that Kinfolk Studios hosts a rotation of seasonal restaurants? Aska, a Scandinavian creation boasting dumplings, Scandinavian-style hot dog and an assortment of stomach-filling fare, is operating in the same locale you’ve spent a Saturday night sipping Japanese beer and feeling slightly discomfited by interpretive dancing. Indulge in the $65 tasting menu and enjoy earthy fare beginning with fried pike skin, followed by an assortment of root vegetables and locally-sourced seafood, until finally arriving at the restaurant’s crown jewel: the deboned pork trotter. Wash down the hearty meal with a cider or a quick injection of Aquavit, and you’ll forget you have to walk home all the way from Wythe Ave.

Aska at Kinfolk Studios
90 Wythe Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 799-2946

The newest Italian restaurant to adjoin Bedford Ave., Oregano radiates with warmth, from the rustic brick interior and wood floors to the wood-burning stove. Perfectly placed for a quick escape from the winter winds, Oregano’s Neapolitan pie, lasagna Bolognese and classic eggplant and chicken parmesans are classically doughy, cheese-covered delights; has anyone ever said no to a dish with that description? Classic Italian dishes done right, located centrally to your Bedford Avenue Saturday night(mare), will more than satisfy, and efficiently soak up any and all alcohol you’ve imbibed throughout the night.

102 Berry St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 599-5988

Three Letters
Clinton Hill may be home to sibling brasseries Chez Oskar and Lola BKLYN, but newcomer Three Letters is more than worthy of a visit. Less than a week old, the venue is garnering buzz with a menu boasting traditional tastes, as well as chef Pip Freeman’s deliberate decision to mastermind French dining gone vegan; case in point the seitan fricassee. With dishes like the mushroom tartine to begin with, and entrees including the popular pork bourguignonne, meat-eaters and vegans can enjoy French-American country cooking. Or perhaps meet in the middle over a plate of poutine.

Three Letters
930 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Sweet Chick
The freshest face on Bedford Avenue is so new that little is known besides the venue’s location, the former home to Saint Alp’s Teahouse, and Chef Coby Farrow of Ward III’s involvement, but in this case the name says it all. Sweet Chick’s comfort food menu centers on the perfect culinary pairing of pastry and poultry: the chicken and waffle, serving up gluten-free, bacon covered and seasonal specialties, catering to the ‘hood’s taste-conscious clientele. Diving face first into a plate of chicken and waffles may be the only motivation to put on pants this month, and for that, no judgments will be made.

Sweet Chick
164 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
(212) 609-5009

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UPDATE: Snack Dragon Taco is now open



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