L Train Alternative: East River Ferry Provides Free Service, June 13 – 24

This could prove useful, especially considering how the L train’s weekend “service” has seriously made us question the MTA’s sanity of late: the new East River Ferry, with three pickups in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area (India St. in Greenpoint, N. 6th St. in N. Williamsburg, Schaefer Landing in S. Williamsburg) will be offering FREE ferry service for its first few days of operation – from June 13-24.

The ferry operates from 7am-8:30pm, with pickups every 20-30 minutes. It also offers a free connecting bus service from the East 34th St. terminal and into east midtown.  No word yet on how much the ferry will cost Edit: from a helpful commenter: After the 24th, 1 way trips will be $4, all-day hop-on hop-off passes will be $12, a monthly unlimited pass will be $140, and monthly unlimited with bike $170.

Check out the service map below for more info, or visit the ferry’s website.

Image courtesy nywaterway.com.


  1. Fares & Tickets

    $4.00 One way trips starting at any terminal, arriving at any terminal

    $12.00 All day pass with hop-on hop-off access to all terminals

    $1.00 Surcharge in addition to one way or daily pass for bringing a bike on the boat

    $140.00 Monthly unlimited ridership pass

    $170.00 Monthly unlimited ridership pass + bike on the boat

  2. how long does it take to get from north 6th to the actual city? geez!

  3. annonymous Williamsburg says:

    Williamsburg Greenpont — if you need air conditioning repair do not call L& S Sewer & Drain 718 989-7575 — they tied me up for many days telling me the would repair my air conditioning the 1st night I called. Didn’t happen. I was told I needed a compressor. The next day I was told he would be there at 10:30. Than I was told he would be there at 1. Than they called at 2 he is not coming. Could not get the compressor. Than he said he was coming Monday but than said he could not get the part. Than Tuesday he came with the part and told me he did not need it after all and he would save me money. He quoted me 1,900 and only charged me 1,701.93 and said he would come back tomorrow to fix the blower speed. I said no thank you.

    I know NYC is a big mess just like the L Train that becomes an Express Train when in fact it is not. I know we are lucky there are no fatalities because on the platform is a sea of people including small children trying to get on trains where there is no room.

    Why the people are getting screwed by our corrupt politicians who make 6 figures a year, have found every way to make $$$$ off of their NYC gov job plus pension and health benefits but what are we to do except to vote all third termers out? Do we need to wear body condoms because we are being ////ed every second of every moment?

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