East River Ferry Too Cool To Run On Schedule

image c/o The New York Times

Recapping some of your weekend commuting options:

The L sucks.

The G sucks.

And now the East River Ferry may or may not suck.

Today, the NY Waterway issued a special advisory, stating:

[T]he large number of travelers we are carrying has resulted in many boats reaching their Coast Guard mandated capacity and the loading and unloading of large crowds has at times caused delays in scheduled departures. We expect this to last throughout the free trial period which ends on June 24.  If you plan on using the East River Ferry during the free period, especially during the weekend of June 18th and 19th, you should anticipate long boarding delays.

Oh well. Chillax – it’s the weekend!.  Enjoy the view during that long platform/pier wait, or simply explore those other alternative modes of transportation.


  1. Does it go to Wall Street? I hate sharing my commute with scummy, smelly kids on the L Train.

  2. YourDoctrinaire says:

    Complaining about something that is free is pretty useless.

  3. manhatposeur says:

    I tried to try it this weekend! iT WAS BASICALLY DRUNK COLLEGE STUDENTS WITH TIME ON THEIR HANDS. I ended up riding my bike over the Williamsburg Bridge.

  4. I hate this ferry! I hate it more than you know! I live on first avenue and it is SO loud! I keeps me up at night and it wakes me up in the morning! I have never heard a ferry this loud ever. I have never once heard the other ferries yet this one is a loud disrupting sound all day long day and night! I need to find a way to limit the schedule and have them cut the engines when they get to the dock. No need to idle at the dock with engines running!

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