Dylan Ratigan’s (Wonderful) Howard Beale Moment


Too bad this didn’t have the same impact as Howard Beale’s rant:


  1. jesusisataco says:

    I figured I’d be the lonely soul to leave a comment. Not so ironic that the banner ad adjacent my comment says “get drunk.” NYC will still be sedated with Toms® (they are comfortable though), Genesee (Tecaté?) and post-ironic verbiage emblazoned on just about anything by the time the “extraction” has progressed to the point that the urban recession gardens will be “extracted” by urban foragers.

    This city will either save the country or be the final nail in its coffin. If you ask me, I am not going long on NYC. I’ll be short selling it and using the money to hoard gas and animal pelts.

  2. The “Network” scene remind me to Argentina in 2001, Greece 2011, Spain this year with the “Indignados” in Barcelona and Madrid. Iceland, Portugal and all the north of Africa.
    All “self called popular manifestations”… with no political colors or flags.
    I wonder if that would be posible in the US… but I think people is comfortably numb.

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