Ducktails and SSPS @ Cake Shop…FTW

While everyone was lounging on their sofas from eating massive quantities of food, I was at the Cake Shop checking out a small but amazing show last night with Bob Bellerue, SSPS, Ducktails, HD (members of WZT HEARTS). Most noteworthy of the night were the sets by SSPS and Ducktails.
SSPS is Porkchop from Excepter’s solo project. Taking his cue from German minimalist house, SSPS is equal parts dirty beats and experimental sound exploration. Often marrying the two can prove challenging to create something with substance, SSPS was up to the task–ladling abstract vocals over a dark, dance backbone. (He even got a few members of a slightly reserved crowd to dance.)
Ducktails is the solo project of Matt Mondanile (with the occasional live collaborator). Best described as poppy surf rock informed by avant garde music a la The SKATERS and Kemialliset Ystavat, Ducktails is the type of warm music that will get you through the Winter and keep you happy year round. Touching on the pop and the more abstract, Mondanile divided the set between a meditative, outdoors instrumental and an anthemic surf rock ballad (that was unfortunately cut short due to technical difficulties).
In addition to Ducktails, Mondanile also collaborates in Predator Vision and Real Estate—both are in keeping with the good vibes. Real Estate is playing tonight at the Cake Shop at midnight if you can make it out.

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