Don’t dress like a dud at the holiday party

@ingodwetrust instagram

@ingodwetrust instagram

Holiday parties are in full swing, but all of last year’s cocktail dresses and bow ties are hanging on the racks at Beacon’s Closet. Public nudity is out of the question in these frigid temps, so what will you wear? It’s time to upgrade your party attire.

Valerie Halfon, founder and CEO of Shop With Val, suggests donning sequins, leather and fur while you chug eggnog at the company party. She’s also a fan of gold, feathers and fringe.

“They’re all glamorous, fun and festive – in moderation, of course!” said Halfon. “Combining different textures makes for an interesting, one of a kind look.”

Valerie Halfon

Valerie Halfon, Shop With Val

Born and raised in Brooklyn, the stylist is no stranger to shopping in the ‘burg and regularly takes clients on tours of the neighborhood. Some of Halfon’s top shops for picking up new threads are Oak, Bird, Bodhi and In God We Trust. For guys wanting to spruce up their holiday look, she suggests stopping in Brooklyn Denim Co. and Brooklyn Tailors.

While behavior is optional, Halfon does have rules about outfits around co-workers.

“Keep it classy at work parties,” states Halfon. “Avoid pieces that are too tight, short or revealing.”

And if you need serious help revamping your wardrobe, Halfon makes house calls. For a closet consultation, one on one personal shopping or a shopping tour, drop her a line.


  1. Moses Kestenbaum ODA says:

    Valerie has a good taste, she is also so sweet and sexy I love her style.

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