Don't call it a comeback: New Sufjan Stevens jam

I, for one, am glad Sufjan Stevens is back in the public eye. And to be back in the way he currently is – releasing a ton of stuff in a short period of time that is, for the most part, un-gimmicky – is such a relief. I’m not sure how many more encyclopedic albums about state history or masturbatory opuses about highways I could handle. With the All Delighted People EP, as well as this new song, he is back to just saying to us, “Hey, remember how good I am at writing songs? That’s right: Way better than most people.”

With this electronically crackling new song “Too Much,” Suf allows us deeper into the forthcoming The Age of Adz, and returns to a place where he croons plaintively relatable lyrics. It’s easy to say this electronic wave is a new direction for the guy, but remember the two albums before Michigan (A Sun Came and Enjoy Your Rabbit)? He is now able to combine the chaotic machine sounds on those records with crazy good melodies and emotional weight. Halfway through the track, a marching band horn section erupts amidst the glitches and the composer muscles are flexed in full force to create a cinematic, emotional swell.

The song is available for free at Sufjan’s Bandcamp pageThe Age of Adz is coming out October 12.

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