Donna: New High Design Bar Opens in Williamsburg

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“It evokes both an Art Deco parlor room and a Spanish colonial cathedral,” Huckman says of the décor. The dramatically rounded high ceiling — beautiful and impossible to ignore — disguises multiple layers of soundproofing, cushioning noise that might migrate upstairs to the neighbors. Bar stools are fastidiously and playfully tiled by hand in eight-bit patterns. Even the floors tell a story: Greenpoint’s Tall Cotton Supply sourced the reclaimed pine salvaged from a 1906 Philadelphia apartment building.

Like the décor, food and drink offerings are spirited and original. “The cocktail menu is lighthearted and approachable,” says the bar manager Jeremy Oertel (of Dram and Mayahuel). “Some of the drinks are stirred and boozy. Others are light and refreshing, and then I threw a couple oddballs in there just for fun.” Basically, there’s a tipple for everyone. Original concoctions include the subtly smoky Scarlet Fever: shaken tequila blanco, Mezcal, peach liqueur and lime juice, poured into a Champagne coupe and finished with a spicy salt rim.

Of her approach to the developing the bar menu, the chef Jessica Wilson (of Prune and A Voce) explains, “I was influenced by Leif’s upbringing and culture. I wanted to create flavorful, simple snacks that will keep you drinking, laughing and satisfied.” T asked Wilson to share a favorite Donna recipe: “I picked Avocado a la Plancha because it’s easy and delicious but would be decadent to serve at home.”

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  1. Well, this is cool but…do you remember when Williamsburg was the new cool place for musicians? I am not big on nostalgia but I remember when Bedford ave had a Thai restaurant in 1996 and you went there if you wanted to be considered “edgy”…

    • Do you want a cookie or a bozo pin for preaching your banal hate and ego?

      To be honest I fucking had those days – as a kid dealing with you gen-xers sucked you were always so full of yourselves and cynical.

      How about you enjoy life and accept New York City for what it is – 400 years of change – instead of whining about nostalgia?

      • Most of the new places opening up are high end $$$. Who’s got all this money to spend in a formally grungy area? The recession is still with us. We need more affordable places.

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