Dolla dolla bills y’all: TipBombing


I love subway performers, especially good ones. They put a smile on my face and get my mind off the horrible smell, sweltering heat or extreme wait times for the L train. Three members Vito Catalani, Kristine Young, and William Yu –  of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) NY’s Barn Program also appreciate street performers and started a project called TipBombing.

The team’s goal is to surprise musicians with a mass audience and a big fat collective tip. The second tip bombing happened at the end of July and the group hopes to do many more. Guitaro 5000, an artist from New Jersey, was the lucky recipient. As Guitaro 5000 played his set, people trickled in until the station was filled with adoring fans waving dollar bills. His case overflows with singles and one little fan requests an encore. You can check out his reaction below.

“We were all so happy to see the number of people that turned out to support Guitaro 5000 for TipBombing No. 2. Each of us love music and appreciate the power music has to really touch people’s lives, and we were really appreciative of every single person that came. From the outset of this project, our goal was to prove that a small act of kindness can have a big impact on an individual. ThroughTipBombing, we’ve been able to give some recognition and appreciation to a couple talented individuals that help make New York City what it is today,” said William Yu, on behalf of the team.

To find out how to join the next flash tip sesh, visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.




  1. I love this–reminds me of the improv anywhere crew- so good-please keep it up!! check out some strand book store musical symphonies,food court musicals & home depot standing still if you like this..! xo

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