Dirck the Norseman opens tonite in Greenpoint


Dirck the Norseman sign

Dirck the Norseman
7 North 15th Street (between Gem St & Franklin St)

We stopped by for their soft opening on Wednesday and are happy to report their official opening is tonight. The space is run by the same people who own local favorite Brouwerij Lane and in coming weeks will feature three craft beers brewed on premises by Head Brewer Chris Prout. In the meantime, they have a rotating selection of craft and German beers. They also have a full menu that includes Chicken Schnitzel, Beef Brisket, Turkey Confit, and sausages — most in the $12 range. (They’ll be the only bar in Brooklyn without a burger). If you’re wondering how the heck they came up with the name, Dirck was supposedly Greenpoint’s first settler

Dirck Volckertsen, one of the early settlers, “was known as ‘Dirck the Norman’ despite being Scandinavian.” This also seems to have confounded a number of local historians. Actually, he was called “de Noorman” precisely because he was Scandinavian. Norman/Noorman means Norseman or Northman in Dutch.

Volckertsen’s 1645 house was probably not the first house in Greenpoint either. A group of settlers, mostly of Scandinavian origin, had already settled in the area (illegally, I might add) by the time the Dutch West India Company purchased the land in 1638. Volckertsen did not secure legal title until 1645, when he may have decided to build a more substantial dwelling.


Dirck the Norseman Chicken Schnitzel


Dirck the Norseman bar

Dirck the Norseman bar


Dirck the Norseman

Dirck the Norseman


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