Did You See “The Molly” PSA?

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Earlier this week, Electric Zoo promoters released an anti-drug PSA simply titled “The Molly” as part of their new Come to Life campaign. Looking to avoid another tragedy like last year’s, all attendees of the 6th annual Electric Zoo festival must watch this video as part of the wristband registration process.

While I’m of the mind that kids are going to do what they want, I believe the campaign is a pretty bold move on the part of Made Events. The problem with young people overdosing on ecstacy isn’t going away: 40 hospitalized at Avicii’s show in Boston, two dead at Las Vegas’ EDC festival and another dead at Maryland’s Mad Decent Block Party just last week. At least someone is addressing the issue . . . but only time will tell if it does any good.

The PSA (which was written and directed by Dexter creator James Manos, Jr.) features a kid “vibing out” too hard and missing out on the true concert experience, all the while telling an attractive girl things like he “sees the sunshine in her eyes” and he “wants to take her hair and wrap it around his face like golden waterfalls”.

You can learn more about the risks of “Rolling on Molly” on Electric Zoo’s website.




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