Did you get a Kim Jong-Un haircut at Bushwick Open Studios?

Katie Grace McGowan (left) . (credit: Goran Butorac)

Katie Grace McGowan (left)  – credit: Goran Butorac

If you’ve been following the headlines out of North Korea, there have been rumors that there’s an officially sanctioned Kim Jong-Un haircut that all men most adorn. Most sources have begun to debunk the rumor, but it didn’t stop a local artist from giving out free Kim Jong-Un haircuts last weekend in Bushwick:

Katie Grace McGowan – the “invisible theater” artist who offered the haircuts on Saturday at ArtHelix – says seven people actually let her take the clippers to them, even though she’s a self-described “naturally ungifted” hairdresser with pretty much zero experience….

McGowan isn’t much of a barber (“my sweetheart’s hair is now shaved nearly bald because I did such a bad job,” she confesses of one of her less successful attempts), but she gave herself the supreme leader cut and then proceeded to do the same to a surprisingly diverse array of willing proles. “It really ran the gamut from bros who thought it was funny or wild to get their hair cut,” she said, “to a Korean woman who really took it seriously and said she appreciated the whimsy of American artists and she thought this was a smart, fun way to poke fun at North Korea and this mentality.”

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