Desnuda: New Ceviche Restaurant In South Williamsburg

Desnuda (c/o Zagat)

Desnuda (c/o Zagat)


It’s been more than a year in the making, but the Williamsburg outpost of Desnuda is now open for business. Dominic Martinez’s menu includes a handful of ceviches, like lobster and coconut milk with citrus, and salmon with Thai chili oil, almonds, tamarind, and sweet potatoes. There are raw shucked and tea-smoked oysters at the bar, and Chaim Dauermann’s cocktail menu includes the Prufrock and a Hard Place, made with pisco, moscatel, lemon, hot chiles, and, of course, peach liqueur. Dare you drink it? The ceviche list will ultimately grow to about twenty daily offerings. Check out the full menu, including wines and the lineup of South American and Mexican spirits, straight ahead.

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  1. It’s ceviche, not cerviche.

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